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Danish Assignments (overview and QA)


Danish Language Assignments

Is Duolingo getting a little too repetitive for you? Do you crave writing in Danish, but don't know what to write about? Do you want to become better at understanding spoken Danish? Then stay put!

Your eyes are not lying to you, we are attempting an experiment and we will be perfecting this along the way. We are going to start posting a new Danish assignment as often as possible. The assignments will mostly be writing and occasionally with some reading or listening included.

Q: So what is this?

A: This is an opportunity for you to practice your Danish and have somebody correct your work

Q: Who's doing the correcting?

A: Anybody can help correcting. Think a bit like the Immersion, where people will "vote" for the best correction

Q: So how will this work?

A: Every assignment will have its own thread here on Duolingo. To submit your assignment simply make a comment in the related assignment thread (a list over all assignments can be found below). If you feel authorised to correct an assignment do so by answering the comment containing the assignment you want to correct or praise. #*Keep a decent tone. We are all here to learn, learning is difficult and mistakes are inevitable :)

Q: How difficult will the assignments be?

A: We are going to create 3 different levels which the assigments will be in: Beginner (I), Intermediate (II), and Advanced (III). Assignments will be assigned recommended levels, e.g. some assignments will be recommended for only Advanced, some will be recommended for Beginner and Intermediate, but nobody says you can't do the assignment no matter your level. We will also have assignments that are recommended for all levels.

Q: Where will I find the assignments?

A: You will find a link to all the given assignments right here!

Q: Great, when do we start?

A: Right now! Your first assignments are already down below! Please do not submit your assignments in this comment section, but use the links below to get to the correct thread. :)

All assignments:

Held og lykke! Vi glæder os til at høre fra jer - Team Danish Dynamite

June 29, 2015



awesome to learn


Har I brug for en til, en til til at hjælpe med at rette opgaver? Jeg er fuldt ud dansker, og taler flydende dansk og engelsk :)


Samme her, og er frisk på at give en hjælpende hånd!


I don't speak danish, but i could understand half of that

Same here, __ give a helping hand.

That is amazing


Endnu en dansker melder sig til rådighed (^^)


det vil jeg gerne..... kan du hjælpe mig at lære dansk????? jeg er ikke så gode at skrive evner


Beklager at jeg ikke har været så aktiv de sidste par uger. Men jeg vil rigtig gerne hjælpe, hvor jeg kan! - Dog ved jeg ikke hvordan og hvorledes vi kan gøre det bedst muligt(?)


Jeg vil også med glæde hjælpe


Sounds like great practice. I've just started the Beginner Danish lessons, and will try the Beginner assignments as soon as I have some experience.


Are these still live to use and be assesed, as i think this is an excellent idea and a bit dissapointted that the Danish curse does not have a n Immersion feature like other courses?


Same I'm late to the party by 5 years though


I've started to learn Norwegian first, you know that Norwegian and Danish are almost the same languages, at least as grammar. Yet i can't understand Danish although i'm pretty good at understanding Norwegian. So, how may i resolve this problem? Thank you all already


Okay, im danish i have lived here all my life (sorry if you cant understand my english), but i understand you, i can understand a Norweagian, but dont think you are bad beacause you cant understand danish, danish is hard too learn, but i dont know how much you have seen danish or norwegian television, but if you see danish youtuber or norwegian you can learn a lot from that. Just say if you want help with your danish @Blurhead.


sweet. i finally digitally know a real danish person.


Sofia, your Yourtube channel is gone! ):


The most difficult is to find natives to practice.


yeah. i thought about asking to go to denmark, but i totally don't have the money


I'll take my time for the moment


Thanks for contributing and putting all the stuff together.


Just a question; how would you say I like ....

And would I like... apply to anything about you?



"I like" would be "Jeg kan godt lide". I don't understand the second part of your question, though...


"I would like.." is "Jeg kunne godt tænke mig..."


You're right about this, but look closer, Appelsinen does not seem to be asking for "I would like", but for something concerning the usage of "I like". I just don't get, what that is :)


Me neither, i just though he wrote something wrong xD


Hm... is this still active?


I have a friend who speaks fluent Danish but wanted to use Duolingo to improve her English. No such course exists! Why is this?


Would your friend be interested in a language exchange of sorts via Skype? I could help her with English and she could help me with Danish :) (I'm Irish by the way!)


Hello! Because one thing is that there's not a great demand for it, most Danes speak decent English - but we actually wanted to create such a course, and I can't remember Duolingo's exact answer, but they would have to create a whole new Danish interface to make an English course for Danes, and then they would have to do it for the Swedes and Norwegians too. We suggested a joined interface for three nordic language (just like on shampoo bottles in the north), and I think they said they would think about it - but that's a long time ago now so maybe she should try memrise? She could learn some vocabulary there :) Also just reading English books or hearing English audio books helps a lot :P


i don't know. i was wondering why there is only a spanish to catalan course and no english to catalan course. i want to go to andorra if u were wondering why


It is unfortunate that most of the Danes speak Englesk even though I will be nice and let them learn it.


jeg elsker dansk


interesting thx


who loves french !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i do


but danish is a bit same of norwegian ? Or can understend a bit of norwegian? Sorry for my english but I am not english


Yes, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish people will understand each other with a little effort.


yeah it is. i took a little bit of norweigan (didnt like it) and it is a more rough translation of danish, i think


I don't know what you mean by that, but Norwegians won't be happy.


i am a american and i come to say goddag


Goddag heavencooper. Hvordan går det?


Great idea! I've only jusst started learning Danish this week but will join in these as soon as I'm able. I can't even say "My name is..." yet haha so won't get far on introducing myself!


well duo can! heh heh heh, better do your danish lessons


Does anybody know any of these for other languages?

Please help, since this is the best thing since Immerssion got removed


du onsker sutte en and


How do i get a profile pic?

(its sometimes hard for me to understand english)


I'm going to have a Danish exchange buddy at school next month, so hopefully by then I can have a very basic and fun chat with them!

I think I have to learn a few vocabs before completing the beginner assignments so good luck to me haha :D


Right after I started Danish, my friend Anna moved here from Denmark. Within a week.


it was fate! jk lol, or not. i'm just goofing around.


Thnx for the links much appreciated


This is so cool! I know the thread is old, but I appreciate threads like this. Are you guys still actively engaging in this ?


Heyy, by any chance, did you screenshot the posts? I used to be able to access the exercises but the link stopped working.

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