General question, when we apply for "incubating" a language, how and when do we know if we made it in? And aprox. how much time does it take to get an answer? Thanks

October 9, 2013


We've gotten an incredible response already and it will take some time to go through them. We're going to be looking through all the applications over the next week. We'll get in touch!

Good to know. In the meantime, can you release some screenshots or instructions of what we should expect, and how are we going to post contributions? Thanks

Well I hope you're going through the first ones first! I applied in a matter of minutes, and for a more uncommon language. :)

Just out of interested- which language?

I would love for Croatian to be on here - I want to learn Dutch, but need to learn Croatian (my fiance is Croatian and its all he speaks with his family). I find the way the lessons work here are perfect.

Same here my husband is Bosnian, and since Croatian is similar I could use it speak with his family. it wd be great.

Yes I am waiting for Croatian too! I would like to start on Croatian even when it's not finished yet

cool dubrovnik and zagreb are in my vacation list. Can i rely on public transportation there to go around in croatia or do i have to rent a car?

you can rely to use public transport, especially buses (they are rally often and zagreb is also not as big as other European cities)...they rarely check if you have card :D .. but yes, I'm also interested in procedures about less popular/not that well are they going to be approved? =) I guess by contacting some "linguists", official guys and so..?

I did for Hindi. And I don't think it's uncommon!(3rd most spoken in the world)

I knew it was croatian by your last name ending in ic haha

Hi kristinemc, this reply from you is 2 years old- has anything happened with the request for Croatian?

We need English for serbo-croatian(or whatever you call it), a lot of people know english to some extent in these parts and this would help them learn it properly. I think more people would be using English for serbo-croatian, than foreigners using serbo-croatian for english.... Also, if there is any trouble about dialects, accents, pronounciations etc. diferences are really small, you could just choose which one would appear to you, ekavica or ijekavica etc, for exmaple russian has this feature where you can switch between cyrilic and latin scripts for the RUSSIAN words, so it wouldnt be a problem to do something similar with ekavica - ijekavica im sure.

P.S. I`ll also maybe repost this comment in other most popular threads on the subject since they all seem to go dead pretty quick.

Would also like to learn Croatian here. Is it in the works and if so when is it expected to be online?

I agree, i would really like to learn croatian

is there any progress about Croatian language. I'm from croatia and I don't need croatian course but it would be great to have it ..

You might help creating a Croatian course. Personally, I would love to learn the language.

I was thinking about that, maybe i will try :-)

That would be great :-)

I'm in for help - just tell me how :)

Is Croatian now a 'goer' - I see that these discussions took place 2 years ago? Keen to start learning it.

and when is croatian expected to hit duolingo so I can start?

I wrote about Croatian as a language in DL some time back and again a few weeks ago but once again I notice that this conversation string is mainly over two years old. So where is Croatian now in the development process? Is it imminent?

I would love Croatian too, my mom is from Bosnia, and she's ethnic Croat. I am fluent in the language, however, my younger siblings are not. They know few words. Its a great idea to add Croatian into our community. The Ex-Yugo diaspora is one of the largest in the entire world too.

if we were to write a new post about making croatian a language here do you think they would make it????

I'm interested but this post has been going on unheeded for 2 years plus.

how would we be able to get their attention???

je ne sais pas peut ĂȘtre nous pouvons demander quelqu'un en haut comme 'Sitesurf' si elle nous regarde??

yes i will have a look into it, i really hope they put it up, this is a really good site to learn on.

would love to learn this!

Would really like Croatian

Croatian please.

Definitely please add Croatian to duolingo

Croatian would be very helpful for me too. I will commit to beta test it.

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