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Danish Assignment - listen to music (II)

Purpose: make you better at understanding Danish from listening. If you think this assignment failed it's purpose (you did not benefit from it) please let us know. :)

Understanding a Danish Disney song! :D

  • 1) Listen to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg1YpSDfzds Write down the words and sentences you catch the meaning of while listening. Did you manage to make sense of the song?

  • 2) Listen to the song again while reading the lyrics:

Så, græd nu ikke, jeg er her hos dig | Kom, tag min hånd, stol på mig | Jeg passer på dig i junglenatten | Ja, jeg er her fald til ro |

Lille, men stærk, det mærker jeg | Nu vil jeg varme og beskytte dig | Det bånd vi knytter brister aldrig | Jeg er hos dig fald til ro |

For du' mit hjerteslag | Ja, du' mit hjerteslag | Fra denne dag, for tid og evighed | Du' mit hjerteslag, så glem hvad andre si'r | Du er mit hjerteslag | Altid |

Did you understand more after reading the lyrics?

  • 3) Look up the words you don't know and submit a translation for the song.

  • 4) Write a short dialogue with the phrase "fald til ro" as a part of it.


Give you best guess to these questions (you may write in English):

  • 1) What is the difference between "fald til ro" and "fald så til ro!". What does the word "så" do to the meaning of the sentence?

  • 2) What is the purpose of "så" in the first sentence of the lyrics: "Så, græd nu ikke"?

  • 3) What's going on in this sentence? "Du' mit hjerteslag, så glem hvad andre si'r" Explain what happened to the words in bold.

Good luck! - The Danish Team

June 29, 2015



My translation of the song:

There, there, don't cry now I'm here with you Come, take my hand Trust me/put your faith in me

I'll take care of you The jungle night Yes, I am here Be still, don't you worry

Small, but strong That's what I feel Now, I'll keep you warm And protect you

The bond we make Will never break I am here with you Don't you worry

Because, you are my heartbeat Yes, you are my heartbeat From this day onwards And forever

You are my heartbeat So forget what others say You are my heartbeat Always (always).

I was unsure if you wanted the literal translation or not, so I did a bit of both.

1) "Fald til ro" could mean: 'be still/quiet' or 'calm down' or 'relax' or 'don't you worry'. The addition of 'saa' in "fald saa til ro" makes the phrase sound like an imperative/command, as it implies that the action should be done immediately. Also gives an angry or impatient tone.

2) "Saa" usually means "so" but in this context, especially when it is used twice fx. "saa, saa", it is used to comfort, in this case (and usually) a baby/child. (English equivalent = "there, there").

3) The words in bold are contracted, to inform the reader that they are being pronounced as one syllable instead of two eg. Du' is pronounced "Doo" instead of "Du er" and Si'r is pronounced "Seer" instead of "See-er" ("Siger"). This is often used in informal speech.


Lame Dialog:

Barnet kommer ind i stue, hvor sine forældre sidder og kigger på tvet.

Barn: Mor, far, jeg kan ikke sove...

Mor: Hvorfor, Signe? Hvad er problemet?

Barn: Jeg er for tørstig!

Far: Nej nej. Men jeg har givet dig en stor glas vand en halv time siden!

Barn: Ja. Men jeg er stadig tørstig!

Far: Jeg kan næsten ikke tror det, Signe.


Far: Fald til ro, det vil vær okay.

Mor: Så så lille Signe. Kom på mit skød og sov her.

Read and review please ;)


"Barnet kommer ind i stuen/en stue, hvor hendes forældre sidder og ser tv." Since the child is a girl, your would have to say "hendes" (=her parents). If you "kigger" the tv, you are just staring at it, like, without there being a show on or anything. "kigger" implies some kind of investigation here - is there something wrong with the tv? I think not. :) In Danish, if you are just plainly watching tv we just say "jeg/vi/du/hun/de ser tv". "Jeg har givet dig et stort glas vand for en halv time siden!" "Jeg kan næsten ikke tro det, Signe" "Fald til ro, det skal nok blive okay/det bliver okay igen/det bliver godt igen/alting er okay/det okay" "Kom op på mit skød/"læg dig i mit skød og sov her." I hope everything was clear, please ask if not :) Great dialogue btw! :D

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