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XP Not Increasing

For a few days now, I haven't seen any gains in my level/XP, despite doing tons of translation in the Immersion tool. For instance, I've done 300XP today, and it shows up on my daily XP count, but none of my language XP totals have moved for a few days now.

I have tried refreshing. Any thoughts?

June 29, 2015



Try doing the lessons on another platform, IOS or Android. Check what happens on that. It might just be a bug with the online version.


That's a smart strategy and you're probably correct. I can't actually test it because I don't have an iOS/Android device that can access the Immersion portal. Oh well.


Try the website on another device.


Same thing here... I have spent at least four hours today doing lessons & my XP has remained at 1203! It's really aggravating & annoying.


I see the same thing. I have lost my streak because it keeps showing I have 0 xp.


This is happening now to me on the iPad: no 10 xp increases when finishing a lesson, or more when skipping, but the leadership count does go up. How can I fix this and go back to how it was?


this happens to me however only with the acheivments, it says 7099/7500 xp for sage acheivement. Xp everywhere else is correct

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