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"Ben senin siyah sırt çantanı beğendim."

Translation:I like your black backpack.

June 29, 2015



I suppose a backpack would be "sırt çantası", right? And the -sı disappears because it belongs to you, turning into "sırt çantan" before the addition of the accusative case ending?


Do we usually use "beğenmek" in the past tense? Does the sentence change when you want it to strictly mean "liked"?


If you want to use it in the English past tense, you would use the Turkish past perfect -mIştI :)


Tamam, çok sağol kardeşim!


Why can't I say rucksack?


Is beğenmek mean more like 'like/admire', and istemek means more like 'desire'?


Why is 'your backpack' in the accusative not 'sırt çantasını'? I thought it is 'sırt çantası' in the nominative because it is a noun compound, no? (I thought 'çantanı' would only be ok as 'your bag' in the accusative, no?)


If you have a noun-noun compound that is possessed, then the possessive suffix replaces the -(s)i on the second noun.

So sırt çantası is "backpack", but "your backpack" is sırt çantan, which then forms the regular accusative by adding -ı.

And "my backpack" would be sırt çantam and "his backpack" would be ... sırt çantası.

So things such as "sırt çantası" are ambiguous between "backpack" and "his/her/its backpack". You could say onun sırt çantası to be explicit.


Thanks, and here is (another) lingot. [I gave you quite a few so far in the past 35 days since I am doing this Turkish course :) ]


Senin siyah sırt çantan hoşuma gitti. :D


Are you using this sentence because "black backpack" sounds funny to Turkish speakers?

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