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How is the Duolingo team reviewing all the applications to the Incubator?

All these applications in different languages. Who are checking them? The DL team can't possibly be fluent in every single language.

October 9, 2013



We are not all fluent in Klingon, unfortunately :) We are looking mainly for people who are committed and going to really be able to add to the language they are building. This means you'd probably want to be pretty fluent/bilingual in the language you'd like to help add. It takes some time to add languages, so that's where the commitment comes in. We want to see that you're committed. Once you get accepted- there will be moderators and editors and the community will make sure that everyone is on the same page. It's a fun way to collaborate with others if you're really excited about helping add a particular language. Can't wait to see all of you willing language experts apply to be contributors for the Incubator :)


Hi, when will we get the response? I applied for Swedish->English. I'm not impatient. ;) I'm just wondering curiously. Thank you. =)


But what about in languages like Latin? There may be only 1 or 2 fluent speakers of Latin that know about Duolingo. How will you handle Latin?


I imagine that there will be no Latin course while no Latin fluents come here to do it. In other words: invite Latin fluent to Duolingo! :)


I know someone that you or Duolingo may try to invite. His YouTube channel is all about Latin. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEekt9eu1g-yEGq6XUlRSIg


Of course they aren't fluent in every single language in the world. They are just gonna have to trust people I suppose. Especially when it comes to smaller languages and conlangs.


They can do that once they have enough people. At the moment, they have to manually go through every one of the applications.


Ya, i know. I'm just saying that they have to trust people who fill out the apps because the Duolingo staff don't speak most of the languages in the world.

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