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  5. "Glauben Sie mir erneut."

"Glauben Sie mir erneut."

Translation:Believe me once again.

October 9, 2013



Duolingo is deep..


I think "Believe in me again" should also be accepted


That would be: "Glauben Sie an mir erneut."


Ah, two-way prepositions.


I did the same mistake, but Duo us right. Believe IN=glauben AN


I think "Believe me once more" (rather than "once again") should be accepted, right?


How about "Believe me anew(ed)"? A bit oldfashioned-y sounding but I'm sure I'd say something like this in /some/ situation...


Not really. Glauben is often translated as to think but it is stronger than that. 'Denken Sie mich erneut an.' would be think of me again


so...'glauben' ask for dative? sorry 'bout the very simple question but i just want to make sure I interpreted all the parts of the sentence right


Yes, you're right - glauben does take the dative. I missed that in needmoreram's comment. Denken takes the more common accusative.


Would "Think of me again" translate to "Glauben Sie mich erneut" then?


Why is "They believe me again" incorrect? How would you say this in German?


I'm not the expert but I think you'd say "Sie glauben mir erneut". Notice that the order of the pronoun and verb is inversed from the sentence Duolingo proposed which makes it a normal statement, whereas the original one conveys the imperative form. Notice also that, though both "Sie"'s are written with a capital letter, mine is only because it is in the begining of the sentence, whilst Duo's is because it is the formal "You"! So it can never mean "they" in this case! :)

I'm almost sure my explanation makes it clear but if someone notices any mistake of missing information please say it.


"They believe me again" i think it'd be "sie glauben mir erneut" but your translation is wrong bc the context above is in Imperative, like when you ask someone to believe in you once again


Why is "believe me anew" not accepted?


I translated this as "Believe me renewed" as in: A: "How are you after that holiday you took? B: "Believe me renewed!"

How would one say "Believe me renewed" if not "Glauben Sie mir erneut."


Well, you wouldn't (or shouldn't) say that in English (US at least). But something to consider is that you have an implied "I am/feel" before the 'renewed'. This sounds horribly awkward to me to be left implied in English. In German there may be a different word for the sentiment of "renewed", but I know that the word endings should be the same as if the implied part was actually included (rather than implied). Hopefully that makes sense and is at least mildly helpful.


Why is wrong to write "Trust me once again"? I am not a native English speaker and I got confused.


their have different meanings. to trust someone is generally more about your feelings toward someone, while believing someone only necessarily means that you think that they are telling the truth.


Now it makes sense. Danke dir.


Why is this not accepted? " you believe me again ".


Believe me once again - is not correct in UK English. It doesn't mean anything


It does, but it is an utterly bizarre sentence and I cannot believe a better example could not have been found to introduce erneut! If I really wanted to say that to someone I would say ' I wish you still believed me'.


I got "Glauben Sie mir erneut"

Can anyone explain why this isn't a question, even though the verb is in first position?


How do you know it is an imperative and not a question? In other words, why doesn't "Do you believe me again?" work?


This makes no sense in English. I'm surprised to see so many comments as though this makes sense.


keine chance!


She believes me once again was also marked wrong. I figured it was "she" because of the capital S in Sie. But it was "Believe me once again." as the correct answer.


its aslo because 'grauben' not 'glaubt', can't be she

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