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Why doesn't duolingo make a word list?

I think it would be much easier if they make the word list for each chapter that sums up all the words that appeared from the quizzes. Also, word list would help review what I learned, and actually I want word list for this reason.

June 30, 2015



Duolingo actually has a words list, but it is being tested and is only available on five courses, a group Swedish is not in. Hopefully they can perfect it soon and make it available for all languages!

In the meantime, you could try out the course on Memrise that has all the words from the Duolingo course.


When I was doing the Swedish tree, I followed these instructions to download my words list. I also recommend looking on Memrise and Quizlet for the flashcard sets that other Duo members have created.


When you enter a skill from the web interface, you will see all the words introduced in each lesson. Until Swedish produces its own complete list you can produce your own from this information.


Thanks for your sweet answers, bros!

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