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Cannot access next level

I have successfully completed all of the levels (up to "Phrases", learning French through English), but I cannot click on the next level for some reason.

I tried refreshing my browser. I also tried clearing my browser history and re-opening the browser. I still cannot click on the next level. I also have the same issue with the Duolingo iPhone app. I checked and re-checked and I definitely completed the previous level.

I use Firefox in OS X Yosemite.

June 30, 2015



Doublecheck that you have completed all the lessons in the skills you have already done. If you have, the next row should automatically unlock.


Sometimes the app version slices the units a little differently than the web version does or the server doesn't fully update. So it's entirely possible that you did do a lesson but the server doesn't agree!


Hi enkavul, check to make sure you've done everything in Basics 2. It's showing that your next lesson is in there.

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