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  5. "You are wearing my shoes."

"You are wearing my shoes."

Translation:Du har mine sko på.

June 30, 2015



Can someone explain why you would use "mine" in this sentence rather than "min"? Thank you, it is greatly appreciated.


Because shoes is plural. In Danish "sko" is both the plural and singular form: like 'sheep' in English. If you say 'du har min sko på' it translates to 'you are wearing my shoe'


Could somebody tell me please whether the vowel sounds in "sko" and "pa" with the accent on top (sorry I can't do this on my keyboard) are the same, and if not, how they differ?


No, they are quite different. The 'o' in sko is like the French o in 'hôpital' or in 'eau'. Danish o's can also be pronounced as the English 'o' in 'for'.

The å is pronounced as the first sound in the English diphtong in 'flow'. The lettre ¨å¨in Danish can have other pronounciations as well.

Note that both vowels are pronouced with the glottal stop ('stød') which might be why it is difficult to hear.


Thank you, that's very helpful and a very clear explanation. Now I know what to listen for I can hear the difference.


"Du har mine sko på deg" is not accepted? Until there is clarification, I will assume the owl is wrong and ask that this mistake be fixed.

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The "at have noget på" construction in Danish doesn't require the second pronoun like it does in Norwegian when meaning "to wear something". "Du har mine sko på dig" means "you have my shoes on you" (for example, in your bag).

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