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Report a problem

When i report a problem i would like to know if i am correct or wronf, otherwise why report a problem?

October 9, 2013



Hello! I'm going to reuse this thread.

How does the report problem work? I submit a lot of feedback using the system. And I just wanted to make sure that all of what I am submitting gets reviewed by someone and doesn't just get dropped.

I think the community based self repairing system is the best thing about Doulingo and brings the best quality of lessons to he viewer. So I hope the feedback loop works as it should.



The reports submitted through "Support" tab or "Report mistake" menu in lessons go directly to the team and are definitely read. They don't respond to every report as it will take a lot of valuable time and effort. Keep up your reports, nothing is dropped!


Thanks! I wasn't expecting a reply for each comment. I just wanted to know that it's worth reporting issues. So thank you very much for the reply.

I wouldn't want to give the team unneeded work, so, although I reported things almost everytime, I promise that I don't submit unless I am sure it's a problem. :)


Does the corrections team recruit new volunteers? Often, there are very obvious mistakes that don't get fixed for months, so it must be severely understaffed? I've seen on discussion pages several people have said "reported" a long time ago and the problem is still there.


What is your point? Do you expect immediate feedback?


You report a problem so Duolingo can be improved for everyone.


If you suggest an alternative answer for a task and it is really valid, you get an email. Otherwise, you don't get any information. If you are unsure, better post a question in Discussions.

For general site issues, you report problems to make Duolingo better. The staff definitely reads all the feedback, so if your point is valid, the issue will be fixed, not always immediately, but still, you will have helped and you'll see the change to the better.


I am learning her man and it said it was wrong and it matched with the answer

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