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"Sønnen til en tante er en fetter."

Translation:The son of an aunt is a cousin.

June 30, 2015



Are "fetter" and "kusine" used interchangeably, or does fetter only ever refer to male cousins?


The former is only for male cousins, the latter only for female cousins. Søskenbarn is for either gender.


Seeing as "fetter" only refers to a male cousin, I assumed "nephew" would also be an acceptable translation. It was not accepted, though. Is this due to a misunderstanding on my part or an oversight on yours? And in case of the former, what would be the correct translation of "nephew" in Norwegian?


"En fetter" is the son of your aunt or uncle.
"En nevø" is the son of your brother or sister.


why "til" and not "av"?


Does the female and male way of saying "cousin" depend on the gender of the person speaking or on who is being described in the sentence?


The gender of the person being described.

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