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  5. "Я не буду їхати у Денвер."

"Я не буду їхати у Денвер."

Translation:I will not go to Denver.

June 30, 2015



What's the difference between їхати and іти?


їхати - to use some kind of vehicle
іти - to move using your feet


I'm confused. I thought їхати meant "driving a vehicle" and translated "у" to mean "in" (remembering locative case). I wrote "I will not be driving in Denver." Duo marked incorrect. Is this error mine or do I need to report a beta error?


у/в + accusative case means 'to' (direction); у/в + locative case means 'in' (no movement). Cf. here: http://www.ukrainianlanguage.org.uk/read/unit16/page16-5.htm "у Денвер" is accusative, therefore it means 'to Denver'.


Thank you for the explanation and website link. I will definitely add it to my learning resources!


In German: їхати = 'fahren'; іти = 'gehen' By the way, I like looking up the verb forms here: http://www.verbix.com/languages/ukrainian.shtml The forms of the two verbs are confusingly similar, but the stress is different.


Is there any indication whether the tone of this statement is closer to a refusal or a casual statement of fact? If it's the latter, "I'm not going to go" would be the natural phrasing where I'm from. As strange as the redundance of "going to go" might sound, it's more common for conveying that meaning (of course it's shortened in the vernacular to sound more natural: "I'm not gonna go").


Really, "Will you go to Denver?" sounds like you're being asked to make a choice, rather than being asked about your plans. That's what I'm trying to drive at. Similarly, "I will/won't go to Denver" sounds like a decisive statement rather than an explanation of your plans. So, I'm curious to know what the tone of the sentence is in Ukrainian.


As a native English speaker it is clear that "I am not going to Denver." has the same meaning as "I will not go to Denver."


90% of the time, yes. But the first sentence can be used to indicate that in the current moment, I am not in the process of going to Denver, while the second sentence is strictly the future tense.


цей варіант не підійде? i am not going to denver


The sentence is in future tense, not present.


What is the difference between "у + acc." and "до + gen."?


До Денвера would mean "I won't go {all the way to}/{as far as} Denver."


What sounds better to a native Ukrainian-speaker? Їхати у Денвер, or їхати в Денвер?

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