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Cannot hear sound

For some unknown reason to me, I cannot have any sound play. Am I the only one? It is hard to type what is said, when you cannot hear what is said. Is anyone else experiencing this, or am I alone?

December 29, 2012



I have the same problem. I use flashblock for chrome and i used to click on 2 "flashblock" icons to start the sound, but now there is only one icon and i hear nothing :(


I use FireFox and have Flashblock, NoScript, and Ghostery. Those are the only ones I can think of that would interfere. NoScript blocks Java, but I allowed access for all on this page. I have never had a problem with Flashblock on Duolingo. Perhaps I should disable it for this site, I have not tried that yet. Still, I never had these problems before. Ghostery blocks ad companies and tracking companies, but I have even paused blocking here and nothing.


Just attempted with Flashblock disabled, to no avail either.


I have found that when I try to use this site with "https://" I do not get any audio.

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