"Yesterday we cooked borshch."

Translation:Вчора ми готували борщ.

June 30, 2015

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Why is it incorrect to put 'вчора' last?


It should be accepted. And if you put it last and don't specifically emphasize it with intonation, than I would say вчора becomes less important for a sentence (you've put it last, somebody may don't even have time at all to listen you to the very end :)


That's true, I didn't think about that. I also forgot there were actually lots of entries with учора at the end in this skill...
Reported. :)


That would mean there is emphasis on учора so I guess the two sentences wouldn't be exactly equivalent.
Ukrainian word order is not the easiest topic, but as far as I can tell, adverbs are only put at the end of the sentence if they are the most important part of the message. As for temporal adverbs, this is quite common when discussing future plans like ми їдемо у Київ завтра (could also be завтра ми їдемо у Київ or ми завтра їдемо у Київ if the trip itself is more important).


I thought I remembered reading the same thing, but what Mirka says implies the opposite. So which is correct? Wouldn't putting вчора at the end of the sentence put more emphasis on 'yesterday'?


Why can't it be "Вчора ми приготували борщ"? It seems like it should be a perfective verb form because it was specifically done "yesterday"


Чому правильно тільки "готували борщ", а "робили борщ" - не правильно? Так же теж кажуть

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