Change email?

So I ended up making two accounts using two separate emails on accident, and now I'd rather just use the one with the email I use most. I deactivated the other account, but I can't change the email on this account to that of the other. Thoughts?

June 30, 2015


Duolingo really needs a way to fully delete your account. What I would recommend is that you reactivate your other account temporarily, change the email to a random email (Duo doesn't have any verification checks, so that shouldn't compromise any personal info) . You can then deactivate that account again, go to the account which you'll be using to study, and the email address will now be free. Hope this helps!

Yea, I ended up doing this :/ they should definitely have a delete feature

You should be able to if you go into settings - account. From there, change your email and then press 'save changes'

I think their issue is that they have the email registered to a different account already and you can't have multiple accounts linked t the same email :)

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