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  5. "Skjønner du hva det betyr?"

"Skjønner du hva det betyr?"

Translation:Do you get what it means?

June 30, 2015



What is the difference between skjønner and forstår?


There are slight difference in their uses, but they can often be interchangeable.


I'm getting the sense that å skjønne is slightly more colloquial than å forstå - perhaps maybe even to the point of qualifying as slang - but both have essentially the same meaning, just like the relationship between 'to get' and 'to understand' in English. Er det riktig? Or does å skjønne hold a greater sense of the subject internalizing the understanding of the subject matter?


"Skjønner du hva det betyr?" and "Forstår du hva det betyr?" mean about the same.

If I say to you:

Jeg forstår ikke hva du mener med densiste setningen?/Jeg skjønner ikke hva du mener med den siste setningen ?" both mean the same: "I don't understand your last sentence.

"Å forstå" is not slang.


Thanks. I meant that I believe 'å skjønne' is a slightly more colloquial form than 'å forstå' - sorry if that got muddled. :-)

They seem to me to have exactly the same meaning. I think the only reason I asked about the difference (in the last sentence/question of my comment) was because I was trying to determine exactly what fveldig meant by "there are [sic] slight difference in their uses."


'Do you get what it means' doesn't sound to me like great English. Do you know/understand is much better! :) from an English native


Conversely, I think it sounds fine.


Its a common use phrase. I'd usually usually say it if i was showing someone a meme and they werent reacting to it. 'Do you get it?' 'no'. I think it's fine fir duolingo.


I saw someone on a comment in Duolingo use the phrase "Swiss Army knife word" Get is definitely one of those in English. It means understand here, and I agree, do you get what it means is fine in spoken english. I wouldn't recommend it in writing for anything more formal than an email, though.


Can I say: skjønner du hva det mener?


That would change the meaning.

"Skjønner du hva det mener?" is what you'd ask if wondering what some sort of creature or animal was trying to communicate.


As I understand it, betyr is similar to "implication"... in that, "Skjønner du hva det betyr?" is similar to, "Do you understand the implication of that?" Whereas mener has to do with the interpretation of a message conveyed by someone/something through language, gestures, a growl, etc. :-)


Tusen Takk. So both: mener and betyr could be translated into to mean, but the meaning of those words is different, right?


Yes, you are correct.


What is the difference between "Skjønner du" and "Vet du"?


Skjønner du?
Do you understand?

Vet du?
Do you know?

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