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Suggestion: making it easier to switch between languages

Currently, when I want to switch between the languages I am studying, I have to run through the following steps, every time:

  • Click on my name and go to Settings.

  • Select "Learning Language".

  • Choose "I want to learn [X]" from the dropdown list.

  • Hit "Save changes".

This is fine if I want to add another language to my studies. But for those languages I'm already progressing in, it's needlessly tedious. (I've lost count of the number of times I've accidentally clicked on "See all language courses" instead of "Save changes", for example.)

Fortunately, I do have an idea for a workaround, if the site's programmers are so inclined:

When I go to My Profile, right there in my Achievements is a list of the languages I am progressing in. Would it be possible to make those, or their icons, clickable?

Thank you for your consideration. And if there's already an easier way, I'd love to know about it.

EDITED TO ADD: As noted by AsylumMan and Pieter Geerkens below, the shortcut described by AllisonAccount only works within a given language, not across them (for example, when doing the reverse tree).

Since tackling the reverse Spanish tree is next on my to-do list, my original request to somehow simplify the process still stands. Thank you.

June 30, 2015



Just scroll over the flag (top right, on the blue header bar, on any page)! You should get a dropdown list of all your languages.


Look at that! And clicking on any language in the dropdown switches to that one. It's still a bit hidden, but it is there after all. Thank you, and five lingots for your timely reply.


I am currently doing the English from French course and it doesn't show here, my three other courses do though. Why is this?


Do you learn the other languages not from English? That could be the cause. I only see the courses I learn from English to any other languages. If I want to do the "reverse tree" I have to switch using the way described above...


I do the three other courses from English and previously had to use the longer way to switch but I have recently installed a userscript in order to switch easily.


As an additional way of strengthening my language skills I am working on forward and reverse trees simultaneously. I still need to go through the (needlessly tedious) mechanism described by Majklo Blic in order to switch back and forth. Can we please please please put the reverse trees into the drop-down box with the forward trees.

I even tried to save the forward and reverse home pages as favourites, but this fails because the setting is held strictly on the server rather than as a POST request on the URL. To me this simply smacks of poor programming practice, as the database rather than the user is given control over the current interface.


Same here, I started with duolingo to learn spanish, and as german is my native language I started with spanish for english speakers. Just out of interest (or for fun) I also started english for german speakers. After doing the whole tree by testing them out I still find it intriguing to better myself as I usually read or hear english (much of it) but don't really have many occasions where I need to use it myself (I don't think singing (I will just call it that) counts, does it?)

But the switch is really annoying... I am actually not sure if I want to switch completely to the german-spanish-course once it is finished because I feel the other one really seems great to strengthen both languages at the same time. Also there are some more languages I might be interested learning in the future...

And then there is the question about the difference between english-german and german-english...what is it? I'm always getting vice-versa-translations in one course, I would imagine the other course should be the same? I'm really confused by that at the moment...(EDIT: ok, not that confused anymore, just tried german for english speakers. btw, here next to my name I seem to see all courses regardless from which starting-language. just needs a link to my course and be put into the header :D)

Last, but not least: Not knowing the algorithm but coming from software-engineering I would be interested in knowing If it is theoretically possible to connect multiple courses (in the (far?) future) where I get random languages to translate them into my (or configured/random) language(s) ?

PS: I love it (and don't tell me that means I can live with the annoyances, I know that already :D)

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