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"Beta in Norwegian: how Duolingo is developing free learning" – interview on Hja!


I interviewed luke51991 (aka Andrew Feinberg) about his role as a contributor to the Norwegian course currently in development, now available on my online magazine, Hja!

You can read it here:


Thanks Tom

June 30, 2015



It was a delight to be interviewed! I'm so happy to see it posted!

  1. Awesome old cities, amazing public transit, cheap flights around the continent, the food culture, the appreciation of leisure time in general, the appreciation of other cultures, languages, and ideas, and the culture of international travel that we still lack in most of the US.

  2. US foreign policy mid-2000s. No desire to elaborate further on the subject :)

  3. Do you work for LingQ? :D I tried to go as far as I could go without becoming a paid member, and the lack of resources for free members tired me out. Their materials got rather stale, I remember, and although I could upload my own content, I thought of that as being a bit of a hassle. Although I'm rather introverted, I love the sense of community here at Duolingo that was lacking at LingQ. The "philosophies" of both companies align with my own rather well, but I have little time to give to more than one language website.


I like the input theory... sounds a lot of what I have been thinking in terms of language learning. But I would extend that with the idea of "turbocharging". Conscious Learning efforts of grammar and words prepares the details/bits of information for faster acquisition.

Good example is Mandarin. Virtually nobody picks up Mandarin just by being immersed in the culture. It's just so alien if you haven't grown up there, you have to be told how that language works...


Woohoo, I've been waiting for it!

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