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"I do not want her to wait for me."

Translation:Benim için beklemesini istemiyorum.

June 30, 2015



So do you "birisinin için beklemek" rather than "birisini beklemek" or "birisine beklemek"?


to wait for someone = birisini beklemek. i guess it would be a better translation here.

birisi için beklemek especially means to wait because of / for the sake of someone. but when these meanings overlap (as in this example) you can also use birisi için beklemek to mean to wait for someone, it sounds okay.

if your waiting is not physical you can only use birisini beklemek.

I am waiting for the new iPhone. -> Yeni iPhone'u bekliyorum. (Yeni iPhone için bekliyorum would sound as if you were waiting in line in front of an Apple Store)


Welcome to the thing that made me sound foreign for a year in Turkey...


Alexin, what do you mean? Does "birisini beklemek" sound unnatural?


Would anybody be able to explain a little about the function of the suffix -ni on beklemesini?


The real suffix is -i: the accusative case suffix showing the direct object of the verb istemek "want".

The -n- is a buffer consonant because Turkish does not like two have two vowels next to each other.

bekleme = waiting (as a noun: the act of waiting)

beklemesi = her waiting

beklemesini = her waiting (acc.)

I do not want her waiting = I do not want her to wait.


Thanks, your explanation is very clear!


All Your explanations are excellent, thank You so much!


'Benim için onun beklemesini istemiyorum' was wrong?!


Beni beklemesini istemiyorum da kabul edildi.

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