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  5. "Her gün takım elbise giyer."

"Her gün takım elbise giyer."

Translation:He wears a suit every day.

June 30, 2015



"Her gün takım elbise giyer." Translation: He wears a suit every day.

I got this answer correct. The English translation answer. Her gün takım elbise giyer. I cannot see any gender reference in the Turkish question? I suppose the answer is in the question. He wears a suit or She wears a suit.

"Every day she wears a suit." Another correct English answer accepted by Duo on the 02/12/2018

I love women who power dress in smart suits.


Can takim by itself mean suit?


What's the translation of "wear a suit" ?


Elijah Mikaelson =)


Wait, if I'm not wrong, Hindi word for 'every' is 'har' x_x

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