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Language Incubator

So... Who's applied so far? =)

October 10, 2013



I did! For English for German Speakers. :)


I did! For English/ German for Dutch Speakers :)


Happy to hear that... Whenever the Dutch Course for Germans will be finished, my mum will also join Duolingo. :) :D


I signed up to do English for Esperanto speakers! I'm admittedly not great at Espo, but I noticed that there's no contributors yet, so I signed on.


I did! I applied for Spanish for Portuguese Speakers, and viceversa.


What is a language incubator?


http://incubator.duolingo.com/ <- check out this link. If you are bilingual or in general fluent in two languages you can help duolingo adding more languages, because so far there is only a few languages offered and they hope that by the end of the year you can add/learn every combination of languages (e.g. learning Chinese from Spanish or something like that)... :)


That's really cool! I'm not fluently bilingual (probably intermediate French and native English), but I'm glad to see that progress is being made!


Awesome! I wish i could help!:( Sadly, I'm not bilingual:( Thanks for the explanation


It doesn't seem that people are signing up for the language incubator. Perhaps the Duo staff needs to make this program more well known with announcements.


I agree withe republic6, I cannot wait for Russian being released and so far there are only 2 contributors signed up. Plerte advertise that bilingual people needed to help! I am confident with so many Russians living in US, all that is needed for greater uptake is to spread the word!

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