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  5. "O cavalo é um animal."

"O cavalo é um animal."

Translation:The horse is an animal.

June 30, 2015



a horse is an animal


Yes, he is. :) But, this way, you would be using "indefinite article" instead of "definite article" and the meaning would change a little.

A horse is an animal = Um cavalo é um animal

The horse = O cavalo

A horse = Um cavalo

The eagle = A águia

An eagle = Uma águia

Don't forget, "in Portuguese the articles can vary depending on gender and number."

In short that's it :)


If we are translating this as a general fact. In English I would say that it should be translated as "Horses are animals." It's not a literal translation but I would argue it might be more natural that way.


I didn't know a horse was an animal

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