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  5. "Grandmother and grandfather"

"Grandmother and grandfather"

Translation:Бабуся та дідусь

June 30, 2015



If бабця і дід and бабуся та дідусь are accepted, should бабця і дідусь and бабуся та дід be accepted also?


That's complicated : For example, should "mommy and daddy", "mom and dad", "mommy and dad", "mom and daddy" and a dozen of other combinations all be accepted? :)


In my dialect of English, no-one would use any of the examples which you suggest: they are way too "American". I don't know if the syntax in which Duolingo "accepted answers" are entered has a compact way in which to express numerous alternatives (for example "mum|mom|mummy|mommy and dad|daddy". If it doesn't, they need to make that possible, so that course authors are not overwhelmed by having to express numerous alternatives in full.

But "That's complicated" isn't even half a reason to shy away from doing it right.


What is the difference between дід and дідусь?


дідусь is diminutive


Is there a semantic subtlety between "i" and "ta" -- or are the pretty much interchangeable?

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