"Grandmother and grandfather"

Translation:Бабуся та дідусь

June 30, 2015

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Is there a semantic subtlety between "i" and "ta" -- or are the pretty much interchangeable?


If бабця і дід and бабуся та дідусь are accepted, should бабця і дідусь and бабуся та дід be accepted also?


That's complicated : For example, should "mommy and daddy", "mom and dad", "mommy and dad", "mom and daddy" and a dozen of other combinations all be accepted? :)


In my dialect of English, no-one would use any of the examples which you suggest: they are way too "American". I don't know if the syntax in which Duolingo "accepted answers" are entered has a compact way in which to express numerous alternatives (for example "mum|mom|mummy|mommy and dad|daddy". If it doesn't, they need to make that possible, so that course authors are not overwhelmed by having to express numerous alternatives in full.

But "That's complicated" isn't even half a reason to shy away from doing it right.


I've been waiting so long to read this exact comment.


Well, it is possible to have all such options, but they have to be put in manually, and they all have to have been thought of. To have changes added, it is generally best to use the "Report" option as the course authors (the Contributors) don't tend to have the time to read all these comments.


What is the difference between дід and дідусь?


дідусь is diminutive

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