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Can't complete any activities with Chrome

I recently decided to get back into duolingo but can't get things to work. I can pop up a new practice or test and answer several questions, but inevitably the "Check" button grays out and I stop getting new questions. I can click Quit and get a pop-up button to navigate to other parts of the website. But I never get a message saying I've passed or earned any points because the activity can never complete.

When I get into this state, Chrome's debug panel (CTRL+SHIFT+J) shows this error: ReferenceError: WebSpeechSpeakElementView is not defined at e.exports.a.extend.initialize (https://d7mj4aqfscim2.cloudfront.net/proxy/js2/d789a56888be55261b23-duolingo.js:17:21648) at t.View (https://d7mj4aqfscim2.cloudfront.net/proxy/js2/d789a56888be55261b23-vendor.js:5:28629) at n (https://d7mj4aqfscim2.cloudfront.net/proxy/js2/d789a56888be55261b23-vendor.js:5:31102) at n (https://d7mj4aqfscim2.cloudfront.net/proxy/js2/d789a56888be55261b23-vendor.js:5:31102) at n (https://d7mj4aqfscim2.cloudfront.net/proxy/js2/d789a56888be55261b23-vendor.js:5:31102) at new n (https://d7mj4aqfscim2.cloudfront.net/proxy/js2/d789a56888be55261b23-vendor.js:5:31102) at e.exports.a.View.extend.createElementView (https://d7mj4aqfscim2.cloudfront.net/proxy/js2/d789a56888be55261b23-duolingo.js:3:3487) at e.exports.a.View.extend.renderElementView (https://d7mj4aqfscim2.cloudfront.net/proxy/js2/d789a56888be55261b23-duolingo.js:3:3564) at e.exports.r.extend.renderElementView (https://d7mj4aqfscim2.cloudfront.net/proxy/js2/d789a56888be55261b23-duolingo.js:7:6666) at e.exports.a.View.extend.render (https://d7mj4aqfscim2.cloudfront.net/proxy/js2/d789a56888be55261b23-duolingo.js:3:4619)

I'm using Chrome Version 43.0.2357.130 m on Win 7 64-bit. I have no connectivity problems with any other websites. I've tried this after disabling every extension I had enabled, and still get the same behavior. Thanks for any tips.

June 30, 2015



This should be fixed now. Please let us know if it keeps happening to you.


same problem - first time it happened was today.


I use Firefox and I can't even start a new lesson. It works when I'm choosing the skill but then when the lesson should start it seems it can't be loaded.


Oops... not sure why, but I was blocking ajax.googleapis.com with noscript and now it works :P

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