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"We play on the second day of February."

Translation:Imrímid ar an dara lá d'Fheabhra.

June 30, 2015



Why is Fheabhra lenited? It is not lenited in the genitive here: http://www.teanglann.ie/en/gram/Feabhra


This isn't the genitive. It's de, which causes lenition, and becomes d' before a vowel sound. de is generally used instead of the genitive when making a selection from several things (two of the balls, for example).


Feabhra is lenited because of the preceding de. It’s a partitive dative (in a nominative form) rather than a partitive genitive, but since the nominative and genitive forms are identical, the reason is the de rather than which case Feabhra has.


I was just wondering: is there a reason why dara does not undergo eclipsis here? In a similar exercise, the word "first" does undergo eclipsis ("ar an gcéad lá"), so I couldn't figure out if "second" is just an exception to the rule or if I'm missing something, here. Duolingo doesn't have notes for ordinal numbers, so I may just not understand how they work.

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