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New language courses

I think many people are asking themselves these questions:

When will the first moderators be approved?

When will first beta courses appear?

Will the beta courses be open for everyone?

When will the possibility for any language <-> any language come out?

October 10, 2013

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These are questions that cannot be answered today.

DL needs sufficient candidates to work with each individual new language. These candidates must be sufficiently bilingual. After selections, enough candidates should remain.

Only if there are enough candidates for a particular language, there can be started in that language.

The time it takes for a beta version is depending on the number of candidates and the free time they have to cooperate on the project.

The first tests will be done by the candidates who contribute to the outworking of the language.

Since Duolingo has no statistics on the number of native speakers or the number of smooth speakers in any language, it is impossible to know the number of possible candidates for a language.

In addition, the candidates who want to contribute to a language are interested in different languages , whereby the canditates available will be divided about different languages. For example, a Dutch candidate may be interested in English, French, German, Polish and/or Italian.

Duolingo may have a minimum number candidates per language in mind, although this may depends on the time that they have for DL.

When there are too few coworkers found for a variety of target languages from a native language, it is possible that enough candidates may be found, if they all want to work together to one target language.

Some languages maybe not start with a beta version before sufficient candidates can be found.

The number of users of DL is great. The number of users specified by DL can be misleading, especially about the knowledge of the users. Some users are active with the nine possible translation trees and are thus counted 9 times. Very many users are monolingual (English speakers). And the number of ' dormant ' users, who have an account and are not active, is also not indicated.

Decision: just wait till DL anounced for wich languages there are sufficient candidates for starting with a new tree.

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