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Phase Two: ???

With the unveiling of the incubator, we can now see the outline of Duolingo's plan for crowd-sourced course construction. At present, I am most curious about the beta-testing phase. Since I haven't seen it discussed in depth, yet, I am starting this thread to pose some questions about the process, so that we know better what to expect as courses begin to reach this phase. For example: Is there some sort of an application process, or can anyone beta-test a course?

On a related note, I wonder if there are any plans to make an "Incubator" section for the discussion boards. At the very least, it would serve as a place to redirect all the language request threads.

October 10, 2013



If the betas for the new, user-created courses are anything like the betas for the current courses were, then there won't be much of a difference between phases 2 and 3. When Portuguese (for instance) was in beta, anyone could take it, and anyone could use the Report button to suggest corrections. It just had more mistakes. But they could have completely changed the process since then.


Another question I have is whether there might be complications caused by a user having multiple instances of learning the same language. To clarify: I am considering beta-testing the English-through-German and English-through-Japanese courses. As a native speaker of English with something of a grasp on both those language, I could, at the very least, help speed both courses toward phase three by expanding the bank of valid English translations. If I test both at the same time, I wonder if it will cause problems with my profile interface.


I learn English from four languages (PO IT FR HO) and there are no problems with my profile. The count of points for the learned language (English) goes higher for each language from where you are learning. That means that your levelindication of English goes higher and may reach the maximum of 25, while you didn't reach the end of the skills in each language from where you are learning.


I think you have to apply to prove that you are bilingual then phase 1 - phase 2 - Phase 3 and that's the furthest anyone's got so far.

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