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Adding a new article in immersion section

Hi ! I had some free-time to share and translate an article in immersion section. but it's unbelievably confusing , It doesn't want you to add source , instead of that it wants the link of the article to upload it automatically , even I couldn't edit the spare text . I wanted to type some articles of my French book so you could enjoy , and believe me I would give the credits with the link of the publisher's site, but now it's impossible , no chance for typing :(( What can I do ? Can you DL moderators explain or make a way for me ?

Thank you so much !

October 10, 2013



Hey salarmiri- So, if you want to upload your own articles they need to be uploaded via a link. That's the only way right now. Once uploaded you can't edit the content. You can add the category (technology, arts & entertainment, etc.) and of course, designate what language you'd like it translated into. Let me know what other questions you have or your suggestions!


I guess I can upload the text on my host and input that link , anyway thanks for your answer .

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