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I've conquered the Turkish skill tree!


I'm proud to say that I've (finally) finished the Turkish skill tree!

Biggest thanks to Selcen_Ozturk, AlexinNotTurkey, Ektoraskan, LadyNurington and the rest of Team Turkish. The course was fabulous.

I began the course within two hours of when it was released (a perk of living in the same time zone as Duo HQ). Although it was initially a bit rough, between the newness of the course, and the rustiness of what little Turkish knowledge I had prior to the course, everything smoothed out quickly, thanks to the hard work of Team Turkish.

The course was very fun, with lots of references to keep my eyes out for, and I'm sure, many that I missed. I guess I'll have to do it all again. :) I was a big fan of the decision to keep skills short. One of the things I dislike about the non-Incubator trees is the 10-lesson skills, which sap my motivation, but with the Turkish tree, I felt like I could take it in bite-sized pieces. It was also well-designed, mixing grammar and vocab, and with very good Tips and Tricks to explain it.

I'm going to keep working to guild the tree, start writing in Turkish on lang8, and maybe try the reverse course. This course has really helped stoke my interest in the beautiful Turkish language.

For now, I'm going to celebrate with a cup of çay!

Bana yardım eden herkese çok teşekkür ederim!

July 1, 2015



Congrats! Tebrikler! Maşallah! Check out the new Facebook group to try to set up a conversation exchange. You can put your skills in real context with an English learner! :)


Teşekkürler! Is there a separate Facebook group for conversation exchange or is it in the regular group?


Aha. I just saw the sticky post. Never mind. :)


Tebrik ederim. Ne yapabiliyorsun merak ediyorum.


Ben de merak ediyorum. :) Facebook grubuyla katılacağım, ve nasıl konuşabiliyorum bileceğim.


Bence gayet iyi gidiyorsun


"Bana yardım eden herkesE çok teşekkür ederim!" (herkes: everyone, herkesE: TO everyone)

YOu are awesome BTW!!


Tebrikler. Kusursuz bir cümle.


Teşekkürler x2!


How much Turkish do you know after finishing it?


Iyi soru, ama hic cevap yok.

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