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Lost my streak, how to find how long it was?

So, streaks are the most motivating part of continuing duolingo for me, and I somehow managed to lose mine. I'd been using Streak Freezes, and vigilantly making sure I always had one in stock, reloading it the day after I missed a day, every single time. I really honestly can't believe I forgot to reload it last time, but I can't imagine that duolingo would drop my streak AND take my Streak Freeze - because today I checked and I didn't have either a streak or a Streak Freeze... (I am leaning towards that theory though, because I was very strict about keeping one loaded at all times). But anyway, to the point: In an effort to keep myself motivated despite not having a streak at the moment, I was hoping there was somewhere I could see how long my longest streak is. Or at the very least see what day I started duolingo on. Since my previous streak had been continuous since the day I started (so losing it hit me pretty hard), just seeing the date I started might be enough. But I don't know where to look for either one.

July 1, 2015



You can go to the menu under your username at the top and Settings > Profile to see what day you made your account, I don't believe there is any way to see your longest streak.


As cswrawr said, there is no way to see your longest streak, but if it was only recently lost, you can go to your activity stream and you should see the notification of reaching the last 10 day streak.

EDIT: Oops, just checked and the Activity stream does not seem to list your notifications.


My notifications also don't list 10 day streaks. They stopped several months ago when I stopped getting Lingots for every 10 days. (Duolingo's really trying their hardest to get me to quit).

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