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  5. "Siz bir at istersiniz."

"Siz bir at istersiniz."

Translation:You want a horse.

July 1, 2015



Is there a big difference between:

"Siz bir at istiyorsunuz" and "Siz bir at istersiniz."?


Not a huge one. The latter has a more timeless feeling (like you have been wanting one). It also sounds more formal and is most certainly what you would hear from a waiter or host. :)


I love how they put words that look similar yet have different meanings consecutively. It is one of the things that make the Turkish course one of the best in Doulingo :)


what is the difference between you want a horse and you wish for a horse???


"Sen bir at istiyorsun" = "You want a horse" "Sen bir at istersin" = "You wish for a horse"

The latter also means "You want a horse" but stated in a more formal way. It can also be interpreted as "You have always wanted a horse". Alex's post above also answers this quite succinctly.

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