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Use of comma punctuation

What are the rules for using a comma? It appears that they are different from English.

July 1, 2015



Well, punctutation is pretty important in Ukranian, there's many cases but I think it might be enough just to know some basic rules.

  1. When you enumerate (nouns, adj etc.)

  2. When you have 2 or more grammatical foundations (Сонце сяє, і квіти гарні - The sun is shining, and flowers are beautiful)

  3. Before such words as but, therefore, because, as (comparison), and (when it goes to another gram. foundation) etc. - Але, тож (тому), тому що, як, та (і).

  4. When there is a reference to smb / smth (Ти, Маріє, дуже гарна - You are very beautiful, Mary)

  5. Gerund (Ось виходе сонце, сяючи навкруги - Here comes the sun shining around)

  6. Before a word -or- when you say alternative name of the object (Фінляндія, або Країна Тисячі Озер - Finland, or The Land of a Thousand Lakes)

  7. After exlamations like ah, oh, heh, eh, OMG etc. (Ой, зажди - Oh wait)

It might be helpful to start with. There are another principles but it won't be easy to learn them all because even native speakers have to learn it and not everyone deal with them. The thing is this is phylology and you may state one thing in different ways.

Good luck!


And no serial comma in Ukrainian :)

And this doesn't cause any of a confusion, because we don't use comma in such cases as we also have colon and dash ;)


Oh those cunning British :)


Thank you. I saw its use in the Ukrainian part of a translation and its placement didn't follow english rules. So I became curious.

I don't embrace serial commas either. It became (more or less) the standard some time after I learned the little that I know of grammar.

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