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"Mi madre no puede utilizar el teléfono."

Translation:My mother cannot use the phone.

October 10, 2013



This HAS to be the most realistic statement on Duolingo lol

...although I do miss learning how to say "mi tortuga bebe leche"...


No es permitio'! ella puede habla por horas


This is so my Grandma.


Mine too, she can't do anything.


If only I had a dollar for every minute she's on instead of taking care of the minor things in life like FEEDING THE KIDS! Anyway here's a lingot. :)


It didn't let me use 'Mom'. Did it let anyone else?


Is it because madre is mother and mama is mom, or mum as we say in the UK!


I just wanted to know before I report it.


How would you say 'mom' or 'mum' then?



But I've seen Duolingo accept "mom" when they gave "madre" and vice versa, especially in the English tree for Spanish speakers.


I wrote 'telephone' and it was marked incorrect. Why?


why is "usar" wrong in this sentence - it is more commonly used than "utilizar" in speaking


I've seen people with this problem a few times in this site. A piece of advice, forget the word "utilizar" except if you're going to use it in formal situations. Your translation with "usar" was perfectly correct, don't get to caught up with Duolingo's corrections and just enjoy the language :)


Here in America, people often use the word "utilize" instead of "use" in order to sound more intelligent, or more educated. I try diligently to never use "utilize" because it is stilted and officious.

Now I'm learning that both words exist in practically the same form in Spanish.

But, if I translate "utilizar" into a form of "to use", it seems to me that I am not just translating, but also editing the original Spanish text in accordance with my beliefs about effective writing. Therefore, I will translate forms of "utilizar" into forms of "utilize", and forms of "usar" into forms of "use". If I am asked to perform stylistic edits during translation, however, then I shall ruthlessly prune all "utilizars".


Too many features on the phone?


Is it fair game to shorten 'teléfono' to just 'fono', like in English 'telephone' to 'phone'? Or would there be specific reasons not to do that?


I just found a handful of literature examples using the short word fono, and they all don't look too trustworthy. So, it exists, but it's uncommon and very colloquial. Usually you'd use the full form, teléfono.


Why does Duolingo use 'utilizar' ? It can also mean to utilize, which is different from being able 'to use' something, which is 'usar'. In school we have phrases such as, 'a mi madre le gusta usar el ordenador.' (My mother likes to use the computer). Can someone explain why Duolingo uses utilizar?


In the RAE diccinario the first entry for both usar and utilizar is "to make something useful for an end. Based on that, I would say that in most cases they are synonymous. I usually use "usar" because it sounds better (less pretentious) to my English speaking mind.


Is there any practical difference between translating this is as "My mother is not able to use the phone" instead of "My mother cannot use the phone?"

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