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Looking for daily activity graph?

Hi! My child is bilingual, but hasn't been using his 2nd language since the native speaker in the family moved away, so we've assigned half an hour of Duolingo in that language a day on weekends to keep it from slipping all the way away.

So far so good, and we're using the Dashboard to get an idea of progress. But the popup window for a student is way too small. Using it requires lots of scrolling, and there's no horizontal scrolling (so I can't see the cut-off text on the right... probably just the letters XP). Can you make that a full-sized page rather than a popup?

It'd be nice to see "% fluency" there, and it'd be nice if there were a graph form as well as a table, too.

Yeah, this is looking a gift horse in the mouth :-)


July 1, 2015


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