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A Facebook Group for Practicing English-Turkish

Have you ever caught yourself wondering, "Man, I wish I knew some Turkish people that I could practice my newfound Turkish skill that I have been gaining from the awesome Duolingo course?!" Well, think no longer.

Selcen came up with the ingenious idea of creating a group in which you, the English speaking Duolingo community, can easily reach out to the Turkish speaking Duolingo community to help each other learn. This will be a language exchange opportunity like no other.

Disclaimers: Please act like a normal, sane, respectable, non-creepy human being on the group. This group is not for finding an international lover, bullying, or fighting. We should foster an open learning environment that allows for meaningful cultural exchange. Please abstain from profanity in the group and have fun!



July 1, 2015



Hi Alex :)

Thanks for posting this! I had just replied to Selcen's post with some questions (at about the same time you posted this, apparently... smiles), as Google Translate didn't really translate her post very well... (I sorted most of it out; but, then realized if I had to use Google Translate to figure out the post, then perhaps it was not intended for folks at my level.. ;) ).

I don't know what would be better (worse)? Should I repeat my question here, so others who may see your thread and not hers may benefit, or would it be better to link her post, so all the answers to the question I have are in one place? (I would have sent a PM to the two of you; but, I don't see any way to do that...).


Lisa :)


Feel free to write me here or PM me on Facebook :)


Thanks (again) Alex! I saw your response on the other thread... I also joined the group, so will hopefully get brave enough to use it! ;) :)


Hey, i dont have a facebook account but if you need anything to know, im here to help! I am Turkish, i can speak English and I am learnin German :)x


Ah, ne güzel ! Çok mutluyum ! :) Türkçeyi çok sevıyorum ! ^^ İyi şanslar Almancayı için !


Almanca için* Güzel konuşuyorsun, tebrik ederim :)


Ah, çok sağ ol ! :) Türkçede yazmak ve konuşmak çok sevıyorum! ^^ Ya sen hangi dilleri okuyorsun ? Sen de Almanca mı okuyorsun ?


Şimdilik Almanca okuyorum. Sonrasında Fransızca ve İspanyolca okuyacağım :)


Great initiative!


This is amazing! Thank you Alex


Thank you :) I am just starting learning turkish :D


I dont have a facebook account, we should do the same but with whatsapp. What do you think?


thanks for your ideas :)


I do not have a facebook account however just for be in this group I´ll open a new one. Hope you guys add me as a friend cause I really wanna learn turkish. see you there.


Request sent. Great idea, thanks!


request sent! efrain ariza


Great idea! I just joined :)


Superb. Is there one of these for Spanish?


I am a native Turkish speaker, I don't have a facebook account but I am looking for a german speaker to help me and I can help him/her in turkish


Ben de Almancayı öğreniyorum ! Türkçeyi de çalışıyorum ! İyi şanslar sana !


Danke! Teşekkürler, sana da!


Bitte ! Rica ederim ! Sen ne zaman Almancayı bu sitede başladın mı ?


Ich habe hier begannen and Ich habe es vor 1 monat begannen. Mein baum ist fast fertig. Und wie ist es mit ihnen? I starded learning german here 1 month ago and i almost finished my tree! How about you?


Ben burada, Almanca bir' den beri Temmuzu okuyorum! :) Tebrikler sana ! ^^ Hızlı ilerliyorsun ! Başka hangi dilleri okuyorsun ?


Merhaba Furkan, ben Almanım ve Türkçe'yi öğrenmek çok istiyorum! Bana mesaj yaz whenever you have a question ;)

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