Sound of Silence

I've been learning Norwegian daily for over a month now and feel confident that I can have a conversation with another person via a written mode. Anyone know where I can find a buddy to practice my Norwegian writing skills in a more real life scenario and get to know others who know the language?

July 1, 2015


I've got some spare time on my hands this summer. I would be happy to help you out a little, it's always nice to get to know new people anyway. I can add you on facebook if that's convenient for you. I guess the best way to make Norwegian friends is to come here for a trip. After all, it's only a very short flight away from England!

Hi man, nice to meet you!

yeah that sounds awesome! do you want to send me a link to your Facebook profile? Also apologies in advanced if I butcher this language haha :p

Nice to meet you too! Nothing to worry about, I feel the same way about Spanish which I'm currently learning :) Alright I'll send you the link

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