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Marking the victory :)

I don't know, maybe this idea had already been expressed, but there are too many discussions to look through, so: wouldn't it be nice to have some kind of a sign (a star or another symbol) that you get on your profile picture, showing that you mastered a course (together with the beautiful victorious Duo statue you get additional symbol on your profile pic). Wouldn't that be nice and informative :) ?

October 10, 2013



Maybe a little version of the owl for every language you have mastered. And als a flag of your native language.

And some discussions should be deleted when the problem is solved.


Maybe they could just frame the flag beside your username golden or make it a little bigger or something.


What do you mean by mastered?


They probably meant after finishing the tree but it is pretty obvious that you cannot master a language on Duolingo...

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