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Quick script for typing accented characters (nerd alert).

I wrote a rudimentary script that allows me to type turkish characters faster. For example, if I type c` (which is "c" + backtick) then it replaces it with ç. You could tweak it for other languages.

Maybe someone knows a faster way with OSX to do this, but I tried a few things that just were painful, and I wanted to not have to slow down to get my answers perfect.

It runs in the Tampermonkey extension of Chrome. It should be set to run only on https://www.duolingo.com/skill/*


July 1, 2015



Alternatives very welcome, as it is this is what I know:

-- there are keyboard shortcuts for playing recordings and so forth, this keeps my hands fully on the keyboard.

-- this technique is faster than holding down a key and waiting for choices (which doesn't work for every letter anyway)

-- if I switch to the turkish keyboard it's a disaster, and anyway the keyboard doesn't change as I switch from english to turkish input (my iPhone handles this great).

-- "text replacements" in the OSX keyboard preferences doesn't work for me, perhaps it's only detecting whole words (ie. you have to have a space before and after) or chrome doesn't respect it.

-- similar issues with chrome shortcut extensions that I tried


I use the Turkish QWERTY keyboard and it is excellent! I actually make mistakes when I type in English and German all of the time because I use all three so often :)


Does Mac not have a Compose key like Linux does (e.g. Compose . i = ı, Compose b g = ğ, etc)?

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