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  5. "Jeg leser ikke i kveld."

"Jeg leser ikke i kveld."

Translation:I am not reading tonight.

July 1, 2015



How would you say "in the evening" (as in, every evening), rather than this particular evening?


Well, I don't quite understand why "in the evening" is wrong, while "on this evening" (a phrase that doesn't even exist in English) is provided as one of the correct solutions. Makes hardly any sense...


"on this evening" is definitely a usable phrase in English. "in the evening" is incorrect because "i kveld" specifies THIS evening while "in the evening" could be referring to multiple evenings in the week.


The phrase may be ok but the sentence, "I do not read on this evening", is not correct English.


"On this evening" is nonsense. This needs to be corrected I'm afraid!


Why is it nonsense?


In the other discussion, I've read that we use "til" when talking about a specific time, like "this weekend"; "til helgen", and "i" when talking about every, weekend, for example. So, why is this translated as "tonight" rather than "in the evening.?


Would this sentence be considered future or present tense? I feel like in English you could say 'I'm not going to read this evening' or 'I'm not reading this evening' to express your future plans for the evening, is that the same for Norwegian? Or would this only be said when it's already the evening and you're saying what you're doing (or not doing in this case)? Hope this makes sense

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