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  5. "Güvenliği arıyorum."

"Güvenliği arıyorum."

Translation:I am looking for the security.

July 1, 2015



Using "THE" We would stipulate "I am looking for the security guard/s" Never ever say "I am looking for the security". Take the word "the" out at it would be perfectly OK in the situation you created. "I am looking for security!". Away from that situ it would revert to its general meaning of safety. Using "security" as "the" object of the sentence needs a declaration. Using the common form "I am looking for the security I deserve/need/desire" etc. or a specific thing / person as above. I am looking for the security box or security guard.


I am looking for security is an accepted answer. Didn't you try it?


My answer was marked wrong and corrected to "I am looking for the security." The only way I can think of to interpret this English sentence is about finance, with "the security" being a bond or something. Is this a correct interpretation of the English sentence?


The British English rule is that abstract nouns do not have a definite article unless used in a specific way, such as the security of the country. I have alway corrected foreigners who used 'the', now I find out it's standard American usage. Thank you Alex


No it's not standard here either, we've all just said there shouldn't be a "the"


No, it's definitely not standard in the US. "I'm looking for security! Where's the guard?!" "Call security and tell them to come up to the fourth floor!" "If you don't leave right now, I'm going to call security to come throw you out!" "Who's in charge of security tonight?"

No THE!!!


"security" is a short form for "security guards" as well :)


i am sorry i am confused here..does it mean calling for the security guard or wanting security as feeling safe ?


I am confused about that question too..




"Güvenliği arıyorum." Translation: I am looking for the security.

Güven - (noun) - Trust & confidence.

Bir tek sana güvenmiştim. - I solely trusted you.

I only trusted you - Bir tek sana güvenmiştim.

The word "güven" is used in a context not known to me in the Duo Turkish & answer?

Thank you.


Does it also mean "I'm looking for security" in the general sense, i.e. not a guard, but the abstract concept of security?


I am confused to see "arıyorum". I think the verb is "aramak". Why got the "a" lost here? May be I missed something.


I think that's how it is for all verbs with a vowel before the -mak. Compare anlamak, which becomes anlıyor.


Thank you for your response. Yes, you are right. In the meantime I read the tips and notes again. I think I simply forgot this rule. Actually I am having so much problems with my English (I am German) that I am making more mistakes using English than using Turkish. The politic course is a nightmare for me, because I don't know the meaning of all the English words given there. But I will not give up. Thank you for your help


"I am calling the security." is also a right translation for this sentence. Because "call" and "look for" is the same word in Turkish. And this sentence sounds like; someone has caused trouble, and the person says "I will call the security on you."


Feel free to report if you get it wrong. This is already accepted however. :)


"Güvenliği arıyorum." Translation: I am looking for the security.


I am looking for security.

Other correct English answer accepted by Duo on the 01/10/2019


I thought Aramak means to call and bulmak means to search? Shouldn't this sentence use the latter as it means to search?

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