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  5. Я відпочивав (*закінчив :D ) …


Я відпочивав (*закінчив :D ) моє дерево

So I just finished the Ukrainian tree!

This was the first Slavic language I studied so it was a new, interesting experience- although, being an Indo-European language, there were a surprising number of similarities- with words like «сестра» and «брат» and more abstract but still useful/interesting «Мед» (meaning ‘honey’ think of the old English honey drink “Mead”) aiding my learning and fascinating me that such words have changed so little over time as the ancient European tribes made their way across Europe- possibly from Ukraine- see this video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLSIloi-jqc.

Some feedback on the tree. As a whole I was very impressed- the Ukrainian tree included certain features which seriously speed up my language learning.

For example: Before we had even reached the first checkpoint sentences with verbs in their infinitives had already been introduced- the other trees would do well to incorporate this approach in the future.

Verbs in Ukrainian turned out to be very easy- the hardest part was learning the present tense! I do wonder (however, how do Ukrainians speak in the conditional/past conditional/imperfect etc. If anyone knows pray tell!)

Surprisingly even the Ukrainian case system turned out to be pretty simple- concepts such as the accusative, instrumentive, locative etc. were very well thought in this course- bravo! The notes were appreciated- the tables in particular. Also the alphabet was handled quite successfully in my opinion- introducing a few letters at a time- by the time I reached the end of the tree I felt like I could type at a slow but steady pace in Cyrillic.

Any down sides to the tree? The tree is still in Beta- in the later sections of the tree there were a few sentences with mismatched audio- of course these creases will be ironed out over time- just keep reporting.

I could be wrong but I don’t think the concepts of comparatives were covered in this course. Things like “He is faster than her but she speaks more quickly than him”, “I was not as smart as you when I was your age”, “the -oldest- rabbit in the world lived -less than- 50 years” A lesson on imperatives would have been a nice touch- although we were taught these on this course. More reflexive verbs and concepts with prepositions such as “I run -to you with him-” or “I made that -for him with her-” as well as explaining the differences between verbs with prefixes (прочитали/читали) in the “verbs aspects” section also would have been useful.

That said I do feel like this course gave me enough of the mechanics of the language to be able to expand.

I will need to review the tree and find more material in the language to really start using it but thanks to the tree the basis for the language is ‘installed’ now- it is just practice from here!

I will post any good resources I find in my studies- this is a really beautiful language- musically designed with sentences such as “зручні чорні туфлі” having me press the audio button repeatedly to hear the sound again and again and again. I look forward to putting what I have learned into action and improving my knowledge of this language.

A big thanks to all the course contributors and an especially huge “Дякую” to vinnfred for her help in the forums throughout this course.

July 1, 2015



"finished" is закінчив :D
відпочивав - have rested

Oh, thank you! 3) I am so glad to hear that people find my comments useful, that's like getting some kind of award :D


I really can't get the title ;)


Congrats man!


I was having trouble with this tree actually, it starts out very oddly and it doesn't teaching the alphabet at first which really was a trouble when I had to type in Ukrainian. Do you have any suggestions or help? Thank You and congratulations!


If you would prefer to wrote learn the lessons to familiarise yourself with Cyrillic before starting then try one of the courses on memrise.com (it might be a bit boring but for rote-learning it works)

Also have a look at some videos on youtube- here is one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t_UxCB1ZAk (Абетка)


I'm on memrise right now, it helps so much! Merci, Danke!


Thank you for your link. It was very interesting. Good luck for your studying!

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