"Hva betyr boken?"

Translation:What does the book mean?

July 1, 2015



Is this closer to "What does the word 'boken' mean?" or "What is this book trying to tell us?"


"What is the book trying to tell us." as if it's part of a clue to a puzzle.


Can I ask, how would I say the other sentence? "Hva betyr det ord 'boken'?" or something similar? I apologise for my atrocious grammar. (Also, thank you for your tireless answering of questions here.)


"det ord" is wrong, you need to write "det ordet", but that wouldn't be the right way to say it.

Either "Hva betyr 'boken'?" or "Hva betyr ordet 'boken'?" or just "Hva betyr det (ordet)?".

The first one would be uncommon in this case, as everyone would know what 'boken' means, but you could phrase it like that if the word was more complicated or uncommon, like 'diminutiv' or 'cicero'.

The second one would be a bit formal, and could be from a quiz asking the meaning of the word.

The third one would be used as in the first example, because it would be obvious what you meant if the speaker used a complicated/uncommon word. If you were reading a book and was to ask someone what a word mean, you might add "ordet" while pointing to the book.

A fourth way of saying it, would be "bok-hva-for-noe?" where you would repeat the first part of the word and say 'hva-for-noe'. This would strictly be for colloquial use, so I don't suggest you use it.

I would suggest using the second if you're still learning new words, as it would probably be the clearest and easiest to understand, as the others would most likely be used for more difficult words.


I struggled to grasp this mostly because it is so weirdly literal. Surely, you would ask someone "what is the book about?" as opposed to what does the book mean.


so the infinitive form of this would be å bety (noe) - to mean (something)


Would it be alright if I said "Hva betyr det?" asking "What does it mean"? Sorry for a stupid question, but internet has given me an answer "Hva betyr dette", and I don't get, from where the "dette" came from.


They're both correct sentences, with slightly different meanings.

det = it, that
dette = this


Wouldnt this be "bøken" and not "boken"?


The noun "en bok" has a vowel change in the plural, so it's "boken", but "bøker" and "bøkene".


Hva betyr sounds like wat betekent het? In dutch and that is just strange


I had to translate this phrase 5 times in a row, ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ duo

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