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"Für welche Sprache soll er sich entscheiden?"

Translation:What language should he pick?

October 10, 2013



What's wrong with "For which language should he decide?"?


"Which language" would work, but you can't translate the rest of the sentence literally. "Für" belongs to the verb; "sich für etwas entscheiden" means "to choose something".


I don't see anything wrong with "deciding for" something.


"Deciding for" has the meaning of making a decision on behalf of someone. Person A doesn't know what decision to make which is why person B makes that decision for person A. For me, "to choose" would be the most natural/elegant translation here.


"Decide for" doesn't work but you can "decide on" something. But "choose something" is more elegant.


DeeRamm didn't know, guys you don't have to downvote him for that.


I fully agree with you. Yet, some may think it sounds old fashioned. Nowadays one would say "which language should he pick" however, Duolingo should allow both alternatives.


What is the difference between entscheiden and sich entscheiden?


Is there a clear difference between "entscheiden" and "entschließen"?


Yes, they are definitely different.

"Entscheiden" means choosing between several possible solutions:

"Das kann ich nicht entscheiden, ich bin nicht der Schiedsrichter!"

"Ja oder nein? Du musst dich jetzt entscheiden!"

"Links oder rechts? Wir müssen uns für einen der Wege entscheiden."

"Der Kadi muss entscheiden, wer recht hat."

"Ich kann mich nicht entscheiden, welche Sprache ich als nächstes lernen will.

"Entschließen" means "to make up one's mind to become active about something", and is mostly used in the reflexive form "sich entschließen"

"Ich kann mich nicht entschließen, zum Zahnarzt zu gehen."

"Wir müssen uns jetzt zu etwas entschließen."

"Er hat sich entschlossen, für ein Jahr nach Italien zu gehen."


"Kadi" threw me. Am I correct that a Kadi is an Islamic judge and that: "The Kadi must decide who is right."? Is this a relatively recent idiom?


Sorry, I should have made it "judge". (In Germany, almost everybody knows, what a Kadi is, because the tales of 1001 nights are so popular - but this is of course not so for the whole world)

It is not an idiom, though - it is just an example sentence I made up.


I'm really happy that you did use Kadi, because it piqued my curiosity. Wikipedia says that the transliteration is "Qadi" and that there is a phrase "al-qadi" which through the islamic diaspora into Spain became "alcalde" or the English "mayor". Thank you for the nice set of sentences!


Danke. Jetzt verstehe ich. Das ist sehr hilfreich!


They are synonymes.


I am an English speaker and when I typed in the wrong answer in English, Duo told me that the correct answer was, "Which language should he make up his mind for?". This sounds really bad in English. I think that the best translation would be, "Which language should he choose?"

I hope that you find this helpful.


which language should he decide upon?


For which language should he go for? - Why is that incorrect?


For one thing, you've used "for" twice.


That's an error. I meant "Which language should he go for?"

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