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Progress not Syncing between iPhone and MacBook?

Hi, I was just wondering whether anyone else has this problem? Does Duolingo sync between devices? Mine does not seem to sync the progress for some reason...

July 1, 2015



The iOS app should update your details on the web interface. However you may have to refresh your home page for your browser to show the updated data.


My app usually updates correctly (I run it on the latest Android OS), so my progress seamlessly uploads and is visible from my computer (I use Chrome, but I really doubt that has anything to do with it). However, today I completed several lessons on the app offline, and although I have now reconnected, only my phone will acknowledge that these lessons have been completed! Frustrating.


I does not. I have to run an app every time I finish a lesson on the Web, so that it can just update info, otherwise the strike is broken. I wish I could attach a screenshot here - it shows that I did not miss a day for a week, but at the same time says "You strike is 1 day". This is just because I finished my lesson on Web, but forgot to start my iOS app. I reported the bug..


Really frustrating, same here.

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