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"Some days only sad things happen."

Translation:Bazı günler sadece üzücü şeyler olur.

July 1, 2015



It looks like it's the only Turkish senctence you can translate word by word :D


that is surprisingly true :D


normally when there is a quantity before an amount of something mesela üç gün the plural suffix isnt used. i guess here the some isnt classed as a quantity


"bazı" is the exception to the rule. This is one of the very few words which will have the plural suffix come after it :)


Any idea why üzgün did not work instead of üzücü?




"Some days only sad things happen." Translation: Bazı günler sadece üzücü şeyler olur.

Any idea why üzgün did not work instead of üzücü?

Bazı günler sadece üzgün şeyler olur. - Some days only sad things happen. - Correct.

Both üzücü & üzgün are Turkish adjectives meaning "sad." They should be interchangeable.

Sadece - (adverb) - only & just.

In the Turkish answer the adverb precedes the adjective. I'm saying your answer is correct. I am reading it & it sounds great. I cannot explain why/if Duo rejected it & I am sad.

I am sad. - Üzgünüm.

Thank you.


Both words mean "sad", but--with respect--is it not true that üzgün is used about people's emotions, and üzücü is used about things or events?


Hello Eva.

Turkish - Üzgün + lük. Noun - üzgünlük - sadness.

(Definite accusative) üzgünlüğu. Plural - üzgünlüklar.

Üzülme - "Do not be sad."

Üzücü - Sad things/events. I have just learnt this new word on Duo & tend to agree with you.

I'll ask for clarification if they are interchangeable in the context that Duo is using the word.

Please can I ask you to recommend any English grammar books to help improve my English?

I have looked at these:

Grammar for English Language Teachers Paperback – 14 Jan 2010 by Martin Parrott (Author)

An Introduction to English Grammar Paperback – 14 Oct 2015 by Gerald Nelson (Author), Sidney Greenbaum (Contributor)

Thank you.


Üzgün is a sad person,

Üzücü is a sad thing; Like a sad book, or sad movie, or sad incident...


Good morning its.anahita

Geçiyor günler, çok üzgünüm. Geçiyor akşamlar sessiz. Geceyi yırtar yalnızlığım. Güneşi yakarım sensiz.

Geçiyor günler, çok üzgünüm. --> The days are passing, I'm very sad.

You have cheered me up with your comment...

Thank you.

A ^ & lingot.

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