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  5. "Він низький на зріст."

"Він низький на зріст."

Translation:He is short.

July 1, 2015



In this case, why can you not say 'Bін низький' for he is short? I would translate 'Він низький на зріст' as 'He is short in height' or 'He is short in stature'.


All possible versions:

  • With "на зріст" -> sounds very official: низький на зріст, маленький на зріст, невисокий на зріст

  • With "зросту" (Genitive) -> official: низького/маленького/невисокого зросту

  • Normal: він низький, невисокий

Невисокий sounds more polite.


Presumably "низький" always refers implicitly to height/stature otherwise the translation could imply (without amplification) short "of money" - for example).


It's not true, Він низький, Він високий -> refers to height as well. We speak like that. You can input it here.

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