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"Eu me sentiria melhor sem você aqui."

Translation:I would feel better without you here.

October 10, 2013



This sentence can be put under a new bonus skill: "Responding to the flirtation sentences".


That's what I told the buzzard as I crossed the desert.

[deactivated user]

    Can't understand the downvote - maybe somebody doesn't know what a buzzard is... I upvoted your comment, and gave you a lingot for the good humor! :))


    Does the "ME" in this phrase emphasize the "I". Although it seems strange in English would it translate more literally to something like: I MYSELF would feel better without you here.?


    yes. but not to emphasize, just to express the action is at the person himself/herself. (eu me sentiria, você se sentiria, eles se sentiriam, etc). - reflexive verb.


    Thanks Paulenrique!


    Yes, Paulenrique and what appears to be intensification to English speakers is simple reflexive usage to Portuguese speakers. It always throws English speakers off, however. Extremely hard to habituate the use of the reflexive verbs for English speakers.

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