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  5. "Son and daughter"

"Son and daughter"

Translation:Син і донька

July 1, 2015



For those using an online Cyrillic keyboard as I am. The Cyrillic н is different than the standard H. I was very confused why CHи came up as an error. Now I know it should have been Cни.


That is really strange :\


after all these years, I see my problem, I was switching the и and н. I like that I can use a Latin keyboard now to sound out the Cyrillic now. Does anyone know how to make the ь sound using Latin letters?


I'm using a Russian Cyrillic keyboard and entered the identical characters pictured--except the "i"--and it marked it wrong. Frustrating.


I did the right word and i got it "wrong" i said Син


I HAVE A Ukrainian keyboard but I can't find the letter i. I hover over Every letter and number but no luck. Help!


Then it's probably not a Ukrainian keyboard. On the standard Ukrainian keyboard it's the second from the left in the middle row, between ф & в.

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