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  5. "Son and daughter"

"Son and daughter"

Translation:Син і донька

July 1, 2015



For those using an online Cyrillic keyboard as I am. The Cyrillic н is different than the standard H. I was very confused why CHи came up as an error. Now I know it should have been Cни.


That is really strange :\


after all these years, I see my problem, I was switching the и and н. I like that I can use a Latin keyboard now to sound out the Cyrillic now. Does anyone know how to make the ь sound using Latin letters?


I'm using a Russian Cyrillic keyboard and entered the identical characters pictured--except the "i"--and it marked it wrong. Frustrating.


I did the right word and i got it "wrong" i said Син


Do words ending in ka indicate female and words ending in ko indicate male?


Feminine nouns are often end with "а" (not necessarily "ка"), but masculine nouns can finish with a wide spectrum of letters. The ending "-ко" for me mostly associated with the vocative case.


I dont have a ukrainian keyboard.


I HAVE A Ukrainian keyboard but I can't find the letter i. I hover over Every letter and number but no luck. Help!


Then it's probably not a Ukrainian keyboard. On the standard Ukrainian keyboard it's the second from the left in the middle row, between ф & в.


It could also be син і дочка. Донька is the more proper term if you will but most people use дочка.

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