"A palestra"

Translation:The lecture

July 1, 2015



This is getting fascinatingly confusing; first the gymnasium/academia false friends, now palestra that means gym in Italian but lecture in Portuguese!


I wonder if its same root as french parler. Sorry Italians and brazillains but Im going to have to assume italians just go to the gym for a chat and brazillians just think about soccer in their lessons at the academy.


No ,it is also palestra, not parlestra..it is orginally from greek palaistra,meaning a place were fighting /training/exercising would take place.so the italian meaning gym comes close to the original meaning. Parler is from latin parabolare telling histories. The english word parable ( like parables in the Bible) has the same root as has parole,in french and english.palavra also shares this root.


palestra means also presentation,


And seminar


Heh I know whay you mean. "Lecture" in my language means "leitura". But I'm not bothered. Siblings in the family have some differences or we wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

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